Qlikworld is an international company which has quite a few years of experience in finding creative solutions for internet marketing.

A fresh and ‘out of the box’ approach has led to a couple of unique marketing tools and publication resources which can be a substantial added value to a successful online marketing campaign.

By using Qlikworld’s products thousands of companies have successfully reached a large online consumer en business audience.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing and online marketing budgets are still growing fast. A logical development because consumers are spending more and more of their time surfing on the internet.

The amount of digital marketing solutions offered on the market today is enormous. Search engine optimization, email marketing, viral marketing, banners, affiliate marketing, the list of possibilities seems endless. One is not necessarily better than the other. Creating a online marketing strategy is a fine art of finding a well tuned mix of all the different marketing tools.

Therefore Qlikworld has developed a couple of unique online concepts which fit perfectly in a successful marketing strategy.

Qlikworld NewsReader 2007 for companies

It is possible for companies to customize the Qlikworld NewsReader 2007 with their own logo and to offer it to (potential) customers. The Qlikworld NewsReader 2007 will be equipped with a custom made companyfeed...

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Qlikworld NewsReader 2007 for consumers

The Qlikworld NewsReader 2007 is more than just a standard RSS reader. It is still possible to add and manage RSS feeds, but the reader also gives access to a big offering of other media...

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